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Every concept has a philosophy which follows it forever.

A Life on Sale

“What, indeed, is life ?”

Have you ever tried to answer this ?

Well! I have.

According to me, life is a discovery. A discovery which, like every other ones, demands proper assertions, logical thinking, and dedication to it. If taken care of all the demands, it rewards us with enlightenment. The discovery would be a taboo for many of the readers, but has the most significant effects on the one who explores.

This is true because – Life is a Discovery of Significance Life is a Discovery of PurposePurpose of Existence.

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Karma : Its all about rewards.

The sounds of giggles filled the entire hall as soon as the boy finished his speech. The speech, a fine one, was on one of the topics used as a mockery in their small world. The topic, he believed was worthy to be spoken on, was on the concept of Karma.

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