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This is where imaginations lie.

And Then She Whispered

Long ago, in a home on the outskirts of London in the county of Essex, there lived a family of three. In the two-storey home, things were not always happy. Though the mother and the father never had any outbursts in front of their beloved daughter, Amy, neighbors often heard the couple fighting and arguing. Their shouts and yells were so frequent that Amy had grown used to it and considered it normal.

Things were about to take a bizarre turn, in their small world.

And then, it was one evening when it all happened.

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Karma : Its all about rewards.

The sounds of giggles filled the entire hall as soon as the boy finished his speech. The speech, a fine one, was on one of the topics used as a mockery in their small world. The topic, he believed was worthy to be spoken on, was on the concept of Karma.

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