We, the members of RudeVoice, have been socially accused of going out of the hands of the society.

We have failed, disappointed others, been disheartened, many of us have quit, already, but there was one thing that kept us going – Everyone has something unique, we just need to raise our voices.

We witnessed, the society, outcast people who would have stood amongst the most talented personalities of the nation, in their respective fields.

If we ask the question “Why this blog ?”

We get an answer “To stand against such a society”

We stand against the social outcast; our posts are from the members, who have failed the expectations of the “so called” society, but have been valuable in their respective fields. This is to make them, the society, aware of the fact that “Talent has no norms and conditions.”

You will witness a series of blog posts which will include short stories, articles ( philosophical, day-to-day life, social, political, inspirational, and many more ), essays, poems, quotes, inspirational thoughts, speeches, tech reviews, and many more.

They will entertain you, enrich you with thoughtful ideas, teach you in some ways and enlighten you in others.

Our demand is for a new and sensible World Order.

If the society wants a RudeVoice, then be it . . .