“What, indeed, is life ?”

Have you ever tried to answer this ?

Well! I have.

According to me, life is a discovery. A discovery which, like every other ones, demands proper assertions, logical thinking, and dedication to it. If taken care of all the demands, it rewards us with enlightenment. The discovery would be a taboo for many of the readers, but has the most significant effects on the one who explores.

This is true because – Life is a Discovery of Significance Life is a Discovery of PurposePurpose of Existence.

I, sincerely, beg you to give this article a thought. Think of it for a few minutes, and try questioning yourself with each unfolding paragraph; the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the hidden beauty of your life; it is meant to be unfolded.

Let’s begin, then; or rather, let’s begin with a question, then.

“Have you made the discovery yet, found the purpose of your existence?”

If no, let’s give you some reasons to…

Ever since our births, we have been told that – ‘every child is special’. Everyone, indeed, has something unique that is hidden somewhere in ones unconscious; for instance, think of the children who dance or sing like professionals, right from a very small age. Many people call them prodigies but, well truthfully, they are nothing more than other kids of their age except, for that, they discovered themselves way too early than others.

Now, think of them again.

Those small kids performing live on a show, dancing, singing, or doing whatsoever, their hearts speak of and their minds think of, day in – day out. Just by looking at them, irrespective of their discoveries, we can observe something; a special thing. The one common thing that can be observed in each and every discoverer, a thing of beauty, is their happiness

They are happy, indeed; or maybe the happiest. They uncovered the hidden truth, unfolded the forbidden. Who would not have a glee on his or her face after such an accomplishment?

I know the question, rising in your head, after my last statement would be – “How is this discovery supposed to be forbidden?”

But before that, try to answer yourself, this –

“Have you ever had such a feeling which is that privy to you; the feeling of happiness, drawn out of satisfaction?”

Many of you would have answered this with a ‘yes’, others with a ‘no’. Just remember, you are questioning and answering to yourself. There would not be any harm done if you speak the truth, rather than cheating yourself. Your answer will take you a step closer to your true self.

So, coming back to your question…

How is this discovery supposed to be forbidden ?

Though, ever since our births, we are told by people that ‘everyone’ is special, but with the passage of every single moment, consciously and subconsciously, we are drawn away from from the special, due to various reasons; reasons which, affirmatively, tempt us to lead a stable and successful life.

So, how is this article not speaking of the same?

We are not speaking either of success or of stability. By this, we want you to get to know about the divine feeling of Satisfaction of Knowing the Purpose of Oneself. Both, success and stability, don’t assure you satisfaction; true satisfaction does assure you both, them.

And, yes… as a matter of fact, once you are truly satisfied you will, eventually, stop bothering about success and stability, both; you will know that they are immaterial to think-of before the satisfaction, that you get through your work. You will start thinking about more works, to satisfy yourself. It will work as high to you, then.

It is evident that the work, that brings us satisfaction, is the work that we think-of at the moment of our deaths. We do not have any other feeling in our minds; no expectations, no tensions, no glee, no remorse at the time we die. If we were just once satisfied by anything we did in our lives, any of our works, then lying there on the hospital bed, feeling numb after an accident, before crossing the oblivion we will have that one thought, just a single thought, in our minds. . .

“I found the purpose, I lived through it, I die of satisfaction.”

Now, try answering – “Won’t this, the feeling of worthiness, be divine to you?”

After this our next question, the most important one is here for you… Try answering this, and you’ll get a clear view of the reasons you are unaware of your purpose.

If looking out for a purpose of our existence is so reverent, and implicates such a sacred satisfaction, then, “What can be the reason, people do not try to find the purpose, in first place?”

There are various reasons that, of course, make it impossible for others to look out of the box, there thoughts were born in.

Let’s discuss about two of the general ones –

This world is a giant Rattrap. All the Opportunities, it keeps in front of us, are its baits. We are the rats, who without giving much thoughts, run straight to it for the baits; and why not ? The baits are always offered at the times we need them the most. Temptations are the first big reason. And then, as soon as, we step right in the trap it links us to a web… a social web. Whatever we do, then, is done in accordance to the web; any exploration is opposed by it, because exploration would detach us from it. Hence, the web is the second big reason.

In simple words… our works are not seen, by us, by the eyes of satisfaction, but by the money they would earn. This is just because we have the responsibilities of feeding our family, our kids, day in – day out, to put the money on the table at the end of the day, to give them proper facilities, including education. We can not risk their lives and future just for the sake of our satisfaction.

We panic and stop exploring.

We live in a society that, eventually, starts influencing our minds. We make only those decisions that will let us live in the society, peacefully. We take birth in the society, listen to the society, speak of the society, look at the society, follow the society, and die right there, helpless. Living at the norms and conditions of the society leaves us no place for self-exploration and innovation. We make, the box, our world; our purpose stays, right outside, unnoticed by us.

Yes, these are the basic reasons which make it impossible for almost everyone to focus on the purpose of their existence. Together, these two reasons significantly dominate our thoughts and then bury the, already enclosed, truth of our life deep in the void of our unconscious.

Living for others, by all means, is good, ethical and a noble thought; try answering this –

“How will you give life to others when you do not have one for yourself?”

If you keep thinking of others, without thinking of your well being, there will be a time when you will be exhausted. There may be significant changes to others, but what will you have by the end? Or What if there is no significant change in others? How would you help others, in those times? You will crave for money; but who will give it to you, an exhausted being, the work?

Your life is as worthy as theirs.

You just have to stop for a mo… you have to explore.

Once you get the answer, you will give them everything they deserve. The only difference will be that this time you will gift them a fair amount of your satisfaction.

Your life will be pretty much beautiful, by then.

Simply, focusing on others’ life or caring about this damned society, would take you nowhere… not even closer to the ones you love
the most.

Look out for the purpose, the purpose of your existence, and henceforth, work for your satisfaction. Only because working for success and stability, perhaps, makes a person nothing more than a banner, with his life as a tag-line – “A Life on Sale”.

Don’t you think?