The sounds of giggles filled the entire hall as soon as the boy finished his speech. The speech, a fine one, was on one of the topics used as a mockery in their small world. The topic, he believed was worthy to be spoken on, was on the concept of Karma.

He turned to leave the platform hanging his head in despair, but stopped. His conscience began poking at him, telling him, he was not yet finished. He lifted his head and turned back to the podium. He faced the audience and waited for them to calm down.

“How can you mock a concept which has been a founding principal for this country and our enlightened ones? You think you know everything because you are obsessed of your wisdom, but believe me, you know nothing,” he said. His newly found confidence exploded within him.

Good shall be rewarded with good and bad with bad,” he said. He felt like he was privy to a deep knowledge that they would never understand or, even, know. The mocking audience stayed silent, shocked by this unusual reaction by the orator. He smiled. The judge of the competition stood.

“That is what I have been looking for. Passion and confidence! A voice to speak to millions with knowledge of what he wants and what he speaks about,” the judge said. He was happy that he took a stand for what he believed in. The boy stood there and smiled, his confidence warming his body in a way nothing had ever done before.

Everyone in the hall as befuddled.

“This boy is our winner. The one I was looking for, the one with his passion and knowledge, an amazing speaker, and a truly deserving candidate in this competition!” the judge announced. The boy beamed in his victory, and thanked whole heartedly to the concept that good is truly rewarded with good, in accordance with the universal Rule of Karma.

Wasn’t that good enough for the spectators?